Cape West Coast Flowers-Namaqualand Tour


The Western Cape is recognized as the “Sixth Flower Kingdom” of the world. After the winter rains the landscape becomes a carpet of wild flowers with richly colored patches of Namaqualand Daisy. Perhaps nowhere else on the face of the earth is the season of spring welcomed by nature with such extravagant exuberance as it is in the Namaqualand.

Experience the beauty of wild flowers blooming in Spring in their natural habitat, the flower season peaks between early August and October

While one can never predict when precisely is the “best” time to visit Namaqualand, the drive north from Cape Town along the Westcoast and along the mist-covered, cool Cederberg region has much to offer

Visit the Splitpiece Murals in the village of Darling and Evita se Perron’ Venue . Visit the Fossil Park in Langebaan. Visit the West Coast National park, a Birding Paradise which has Flora and Fauna