Johannesburg City Tour


Enjoy a comfortable drive through this bustling “City of Gold” and its tranquil suburbs. Johannesburg also known as Jo’burg Jozi, or Egoli, it is the largest city in South Africa .The city is the engine of Africa, the economic hub of the country, and has a wealth of historic and cultural experiences to offer the enthusiastic tourist.

Visit the historical buildings of downtown Johannesburg passing Hillbrow and the landmark Post Office tower en route; the 'Top of Africa' at the Carlton Centre which is Africa’s tallest building 50 stories or 222m.

Visit the Brixton Tower, the affluent suburb of Houghton, the Supreme Court, the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Newtown and Constitution Hill - home of South Africa's new Constitutional Court established in 1994 shortly after the first democratically elected government took office, and site of Johannesburg's Old Fort Prison.

Johannesburg is the youngest major city in the world. It was founded on 4th October 1886. The city’s altitude is 2000m above sea level.

Johannesburg is the largest urban forest in the world. There are more than 6 million trees across the city. Johannesburg boasts 17 nature reserves and 12 rivers.